SNL Sketch: Easter Message Starring Micheal Keaton

Posted on April 5, 2015

Michael Keaton hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time and he did a great job. He never breaks character and nails his characters, especially the really odd ones. And the Easter Message sketch was a really odd one.

Remember Ed Norton playing an odd guy discussing Halloween candy? Well, Micheal Keaton's character just loves Easter and he wants to tell you all about it. He's dressed in a sweater ensemble of pastel easter colors while sitting in his favorite easy chair, clutching his Easter basket full of treats. He goes through the basket and discusses each item. Needless to say, his thoughts on everything from a rogue chocolate Santa to a hollow chocolate Easter bunny are hilarious. A few things make more sense after he explains what he gave up for Lent this year: cocaine.

His very strange sidekicks are Portia (Kate McKinnon) who has some terrible ideas about what to feed a baby chick and Bobby Moynihan who says nothing, but makes ridiculous noises. It's odd, but it's very funny and so is Keaton. We think he needs to return to making comedies for a while. Take a look:

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