SNL Faux Movie Trailer: The Ebola in Our Everything

Posted on October 5, 2014

The teen romance, The Fault in Our Stars, was a huge hit. The moving story about love between two teenager cancer patients starred Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. But did you hear about the sequel?

Saturday Night Live did a hilarious spoof of the film. This faux trailer for the sequel is called The Fault in Our Stars 2: The Ebola in Our Everything. Sarah Silverman and Taran Killam play the star-crossed teen lovers who meet at the hospital. They talk and flirt and Killam's character gets up the nerve to say he doesn't care what kind of cancer she has, he loves her anyways. She replies, "I don't have cancer. I have Ebola."

Well, that certainly put a damper on things. The young man wonders if they should ask her doctor if it's okay that they date. She dismisses her doctor's advice with "what does he know? He's dead from Ebola." Kenan Thompson plays the kindly adviser who give romantic advice to the young man who wants to know exactly how much physical contact they can have without, you know, dying. The answer is: not much.

They lie on the grass at night looking at the stars and share their feelings. But Killam's character rolls further and further away. When they finally decide to take things to the next step, Killam is ready. He's in a full hazmat suit. The film has the best movie line of the year: "Remember, you can't quarantine your heart!"

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