SNL Skit: Grease Parody Starring Justin Bieber and Cecily Strong

Posted on February 10, 2013

Justin Bieber starred in a very funny Grease parody on Saturday Night Live. The cast re-did the famous scene where Danny Zuko (Bieber, here as "Billy") and Sandy (Cecily Strong) each tell very different versions of their dating history to their friends.

Instead of "Tell me more, tell me more!" the chorus is "Say more stuff, say more stuff!). The story she tells gets odder and odder, until finally her friends are seriously disturbed about her new boyfriend. Billy fires out quip after quip to his friends with lots of double entendres, letting his friends know that he scored on the date.

The ending is hilarious as Justin croons to his new lady love then inquires, "You know I'm eleven, right?" Well, that certainly explains their differing accounts of the evening's activities. Justin nailed this one. Take a look:

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