SNL Skewers Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Underwear Ads

Posted on January 18, 2015

Saturday Night Live took aim at Justin Bieber's new Calvin Klein underwear commercials and the spoofs are absolutely hilarious. Kate McKinnon does the most amazing Bieber impersonation.

She smirks, she smiles, she pouts...she really is Bieber. McKinnon dances around model Lara Stone (Cecily Strong) like a crazed monkey, pointing to his boxers to let us know that his peepee is in there. He does his best duck face while the model does her best to look like she finds him attractive. But it's not easy and she finally gives up pretending.

He engages in a bewildering number of Biebery activities. He plays the drums, he does modified pushups, he plays basketball, misses his shots by a mile, then throws a ball at the model. He rides a scooter, falls off and then cries. In a nod to the recent controversy over whether Bieber's ads were digitally enhanced, in each shot his briefs look different. In some, there has been clear enhancement, in others there has been not. It's just one sight gag among many.

The inane lines Bieber utters during the three commercials are just a scream, such as "I'm a big boy now," "This tattoo made me say owiee," "I'm not supposed to drink...but i do" and "Yo, my pee pee's in there," as the camera pans to the XXS size marking on his Calvin Klein briefs.

In the last ad, which is only online, the model pushes out a baby stroller from which Bieber appears. He strikes seductive poses and walks around with his jeans around his ankles, looking absolutely ridiculous. At the end of this commercial, he stares into the camera and says, "My Kevins." The director corrects him, saying it's "My Calvins." This one is a classic. Rumors say that the SNL cast was not exactly pleased with Bieber's behavior when he hosted, and we're thinking those rumors are true after seeing these ads. Take a look:

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