SNL Skit: Peter Jackson Expands The Hobbit into 18 Movies

Posted on January 20, 2013

The best skit from Saturday Night Live last night was "More Hobbit." You know how Peter Jackson expanded The Hobbit from one film to three? Well, good news -- he's now extended it into 18 more films. Jason Sudeikis is Bilbo Baggins, Taran Killam is Thorin Oakenshield and Fred Armisen is Gandalf. We would totally watch all of these movies, by the way. One of the funniest: The Hobbit 4: Apple Maps An Unexpected Journey where Apple maps mistakenly sends them to Mordor instead of Quiznos. We also enjoyed the Elven queen (Jennifer Lawrence) who takes forever to decide which white gown to wear. Take a look:

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