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Here are the latest posts about Ashley Tisdale on Watchers Watch:

Trailer for Scary Movie 5: Another Scary Movie is coming to theaters in April 2012. (2012-12-23)

Ashley Tisdale Takes Ballet Training for Scary Movie 5: Ashley Tisdale shared these photographs on Twitter of her practicing ballet for Scary Movie 5. (2012-08-22)

Ashley Tisdale Guest Stars on Raising Hope: Ashley Tisdale guest stars on Raising Hope. (2012-02-15)

The CW Cancels Hellcats: The cheerleading dramedy Hellcats has been canceled by The CW after just one season. (2011-05-17)

Ashley Tisdale Talks Doing Sharpay Without HSM Cast: Ashley Tisdale talked with the New York Post about playing Sharpay again in the film, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. (2011-04-23)

Hellcats Gives CW Something to Cheer About: Three million people watched the Hellcats premiere, reports the Washington Post. (2010-09-09)

Ashley Tisdale Stars in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure: Ashley Tisdale is reprising her High School Musical role as Sharpay for a new movie. (2010-06-10)

First Hellcats Trailer Starring Ashley Tisdale and Aly Mischalka: Ashley Tisdale and Aly Mischalka star in Hellcats, a CW college cheerleader comedy drama. (2010-05-24)

Ashley Tisdale Now Says Zac Efron is a Good Kisser: Ashlety Tisdale now says that Zac Efron is a good kisser. Ashley said in an earlier interview that kissing him was disgusting because he is like a brother to her. (2009-07-30)

Ashley Tisdale's Guilty Pleasure Photo Shoot: The photograph above is a from Ashley Tisdale's photo shoot for hew upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure. (2009-03-28)

Ashley Tisdale - Not Like That Music Video: Here is the "Not Like That" video - the latest music video from Ashley Tisdale. (2007-10-03)