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The Covid-19 coronavirus is having a massive impact on the film and television industry. It is delaying film production, closing theaters, keeping people away from theaters, delaying fan cons and more. Be sure to check the CDC's Covid-19 site for up-to-date information about the virus.

Godzilla vs. Kong Tops Box Office: Godzilla vs. Kong topped the long Easter weekend box office with a $48.5 million opening. It was the first normal-like opening in over a year. (2021-04-05)

Wonder Woman 1984 Release Pushed Back to December 25, 2020: The release of Wonder Woman 1984 has been pushed back to December 25, 2020 because of the coronavirus. (2020-09-12)

Baby Shark Launches Wash Your Hands Music Video: Pinkfong has launched a new music video called Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark. It has the same doo doo doo doo doo earworm as the original. (2020-03-27)

Birds of Prey Gets Early Video-on-Demand Release of March 24: Birds of Prey is being released on video-on-demand early on March 24 because of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. (2020-03-17)

Universal Pictures to Make Some Films Available On-Demand on Release Date: Universal Pictures is going to help alleviate coronavirus boredom by making some films available on-demand on the film's theatrical release date. (2020-03-16)

SXSW Cancelled Over Coronavirus Concerns: 2020 SXSW has been cancelled by the city of Austin because of the coronavirus. (2020-03-06)

No Time to Die Postponed Over Deadly Coronavirus: The next James Bond film, No Time To Die, has been postponed until November because of the coronavirus. It was initially expected to be released in April. (2020-03-04)