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Andy Serkis Reads as Gollum at Event Celebrating 75th Anniversary of The Hobbit: Andy Serkis read The Hobbit as Gollum at a specia 75th anniversary event of the popular fantasy novel. (2012-09-24)

Peter Jackson Announces There Will Be Three Hobbit Films: Peter Jackson has shared the exciting news on his Facebook page that there will be three Hobbit movies instead of just two. (2012-07-30)

Peter Jackson Unveils Hobbit Poster Featuring Gandalf for Comic-Con 2012: Peter Jackson has unveiled this Gandalf poster for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on his Facebook page. (2012-07-08)

Peter Jackson's Fourth Video Blog From the Set of The Hobbit: All About 3-D: Peter Jackson has uploaded the fourth Production Video from the set of The Hobbit. (2011-11-07)

Evangeline Lilly Talks About Filming The Hobbit: Evangeline Lilly talked to Access Hollywood about filming The Hobbit. (2011-10-05)

Andy Serkis: I Based Gollum's Voice on My Cat's Hairball Sound: The cast of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto and James Franco, were guests on The View. (2011-08-06)

The Hobbit Films Get Titles, Release Dates: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. (2011-05-31)

First Hobbit Film to Arrive in Theaters December 2012: THR's Heat Vision blog reports that the Hobbit movies are on schedule. (2010-04-28)

Peter Jackson Talks The Hobbit: Peter Jackson told Syfy that he, Fran and Philippa are working on the second revised script for The Hobbit which he hopes to have done by the end of the year. (2009-12-02)

Guillermo del Toro on The Hobbit: Director Guillermo del Toro talks about plans for The Hobbit movie and about working with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson in the video below from ITN. (2008-08-26)

Latest Hobbit Rumor: James McAvoy as Young Bilbo Baggins: The casting rumors for The Hobbit are swirling around and change from week to week. (2008-05-30)

Tolkien Estate Threatens to Pull Hobbit Film Rights From New Line: Here we go again. (2008-02-11)

Peter Jackson Settles With New Line: Ready to Produce The Hobbit: It's really true: Peter Jackson and New Line have patched up their differences and have announced that the two new Hobbit films are back on. (2007-12-18)

The Hobbit is Back On and Peter Jackson is On Board: It's official-- Peter Jackson has settled his lawsuit with New Line, has sung Kum Ba Yah with former arch-enemy Bob Shaye of New Line so that The Hobbit films can go forward. (2007-12-18)

New Line Shows Some Love for Peter Jackson and The Hobbit: The drama between Peter Jackson and New Line over the lawsuit and who will direct The Hobbit got a bit more interesting today. (2007-10-08)

Peter Jackson Won't Direct The Hobbit: This is the worst movie news we've heard in a long time: Peter Jackson will not be directing The Hobbit and New Line is looking for a new director. (2006-11-21)

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