New Line Shows Some Love for Peter Jackson and The Hobbit

Posted on October 8, 2007

The drama between Peter Jackson and New Line over the lawsuit and who will direct The Hobbit got a bit more interesting today. Michael Lynne, co-chief executive and co-chairman of New Line Cinema said in an interview that he hasn't ruled out having Peter to direct The Hobbit. Sci Fi reports:

Lynne's comments, made in a video posted Oct. 4 on Rose's Web site, came while he and Shaye were being interviewed together; they are among the first public statements by New Line softening Shaye's adamant statements blacklisting the director. (Shaye himself earlier told the Los Angeles Times that he "would love for [Jackson] to be creatively involved in some way in The Hobbit.") "The truth is, whatever Bob said, from that point of view, was really Bob's statement," Lynne said in the Rose video. "And New Line hasn't taken a position on that thought and doesn't take a position on that thought. We have had a disagreement with Peter over auditing. It happens a lot. ... It ought to be resolvable. And what happens going forward in terms of working together or not, you know, the future will tell that tale."

Lynne's comments also appear to be part of a softening at the studio toward Jackson; this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine features a cover story suggesting that the feud between New Line and Jackson may be nearing a resolution. Another sign: New Line appears to be losing the legal battle against Jackson with regard to Rings profits. Last week, a federal judge imposed a rare $125,000 sanction against the studio for failing to turn over potential evidence Jackson argued could help him prove that accounting tricks cheated him out of tens of millions in profits. New Line has said it won't appeal the sanction.

Shaye backed away from his harsh comments made about Jackson earlier this year, blaming it on emotions running high. Perhaps he should ask his doctor is Paxil is right for him.

Jackson's rep issued a non-committal statement to a New Zealand newspaper saying "Peter and [co-writer and producing partner] Fran [Walsh] have always wanted to do The Hobbit, but whether that happens is yet to be decided."

They had better get moving before the cast is too old to do the movie. Perhaps some kind of group counseling would be of value? Because we are losing patience with this situation.

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