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Here you will find our coverage of official world records, world record attempts, the biggest things ever stories and more.

Vat19 Builds Biggest Jello Cup Ever: The Vat19 team built the biggest Jello Cup ever in the history of Earth. They even had a giant spoon. (2019-04-30)

Skydiver Luke Aikins in Record Jump from 25,000 Feet Without a Parachute: Skydiver Luke Aikins successfully completed a jump from 25,000 feet without using a parachute or wingsuit. (2016-07-30)

Strawberry Grown in Japan is the World's Heaviest Strawberry: A strawberry grown in Japan is pronounced the world's heaviest strawberry by Guiness World Records. (2015-05-26)

Morgan Spurlock's Documentary Sets Guinness World Record: Morgan Spurlock's documentary about product placements has set the Guinness World Record for "most paid-for product placements in a film. (2011-08-13)

OfficeMax Helps Transport Huge Rubberband Ball to Chicago: OfficeMax recently sponsored the transfer of a giant rubberband ball containing 175,000 rubberbands from a guy's garge in Oregon to downtown Chicago where the rubberband ball was certified as the World's Largest Rubberband Ball by Guinness World Records. (2006-11-27)

Snapple's World Record Attempt Ends in Sticky Mess: Snapple attempted to break a Guiness World Record for the largest popsicle ever and it ended up in a huge sticky mess in downtown Manhattan. (2005-07-01)