Andrew Garfield Gets Foreclosed On in 99 Homes Trailer

Posted on June 6, 2015

Andrew Garfield stars in the trailer for the compelling drama 99 Homes. Garfield plays Dennis Nash, a construction worker whose home is foreclosed on by a ruthless real estate broker named Rick Carver (Michael Shannon).

Carver is a real thug that games the foreclosure system and throws families out of their home. He is ruthless and rich, and has no conscience. Nash has a young son and a mother (Laura Dern) to support. Desperate, he swallows his pride and goes to work for Carver. Soon Carver has him throwing other innocent homeowners out into the street. He despises his work, but Carver has promised him money for his family and the return of his home.

The film is based on a true story. The trailer is excellent, other than for one glaring flaw. Laura Dern is 48 and she's playing Garfield's mother (he's 31). Sure, she could have had him at 17, but the casting is ridiculous. She's an excellent actress, so she'll make it work, but it's jarring to say the least. It's unclear from the trailer who owns the house. If it's the mom's house, that makes sense.If it's Nash's house, it makes less sense given his young age and low income.

The film was written and directed by Ramin Bahrani. It hits theaters on September 25th. Take a look:

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