Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Get Kidnapped in First Trailer for Snatched

Posted on December 16, 2016

The first trailer for the comedy Snatched is out. Amy Schumer co-stars with Goldie Hawn as a mother daughter team who heads to South America for a fun vacation which ends up as a disaster. Amy's character is excited to head off on an exotic vacation for two with her boyfriend (Randall Park) when he tells her that his band is really blowing up so he's breaking up with her and ditching the trip.

She talks her mother into joining her on the pre-paid trip. They arrive in South America and promptly get "Liam Neeson Takened." They are determined to escape and if the trailer is any indication, there is plenty of action, like leaping across the roof of a high building and being involved in car accidents.

The film also stars Ike Barinholtz, Christopher Meloni, Wanda Sykes, Oscar Jaednda, Colin Quinn and Tom Bateman. The film, which was directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50), hits theaters on May 12, 2017. This is the green band trailer, the real film will be much raunchier. Take a look:

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