Anya Taylor-Joy is a Very Scary Pre-Teen in Full Morgan Trailer

Posted on June 27, 2016

Fox has released the first full trailer for the horror thriller Morgan. The first teaser didn't show us what Morgan looked like, but now we get to her. Anya Taylor-Joy plays the artificially created human who went from embryo to angry pre-teen in less than a year. She has all kinds of powers and the scientists who created her have locked her in a room after she got mad and injured one of the scientists.

Now the corporation that is funding the experiment has sent a fixer, played by Kate Mara, to evaluate whether Morgan and the experiment should be terminated. The problem is this: Morgan is already so far beyond them all in skills and intelligence that they are not going to have much of a say in what happens next.

The full trailer shows Morgan being questioned aggressively by a psychiatrist (Paul Giametti) after the incident. He pushes her really hard by asking what she would do if they said they were going to terminate her. She answers the question by telepathically slamming him and his chair into the nearest wall.

The film was directed by Ridley Scott's son Luke Scott, and it looks like he has the directing chops. Teh film also stars Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It hits theaters on September 2, 2016. Take a look:

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