Ben Cross is Sarek in Star Trek

Posted on November 19, 2007

British actor Ben Cross has been cast as Sarek, Spock's father, in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

Cross, a graduate of London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, rose to international stardom with his breakout role as runner Harold Abrahams in the Academy Award-winning 1981 film "Chariots of Fire." He will be seen in the upcoming "Hero Wanted" with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ray Liotta. Last year he performed with Alexander Siddig in the BBC historical drama about ancient Rome, "Hannibal."

Cross will be paired with Winona Ryder (related story), portraying Spock's human mother Amanda Grayson. The young Spock will be played by Zachary Quinto.

The Hollywood Reporter got it wrong and reported that Winona would be playing a Vulcan. Of course, Amanda Grayson was human. Casting is coming along fine and filming has begun, but will there be any writers to polish the screenplay and do on-set rewrites? The Writers' Strike is in its third week, although the WGA and the AMPTP have agreed to start talks again on November 26th, which is good.

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