Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Star in First Full Trailer for Blade Runner 2049

Posted on May 8, 2017

Warner Bros. has just released the full trailer for the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049 and it does not disappoint. Set 30 years after the events in Ridley Scott's SF masterpiece, the film focuses on LAPD officer K (Ryan Gosling), who appears to report to a character played by Robin Wright. Officer K finds out something he's not supposed to know and the secret is so big that it could destroy human society.

So Officer K set out to find the legendary blade runner Richard Deckard (Harrison Ford) who has been missing for three decades. He finds Deckard in the middle of an orange desert, and asks Deckard if he can ask him some questions (Voight-Kampff, anyone?) It appears someone doesn't want Deckard giving up any answers as they come under attack.

The teaser gives some tantalizing hints as to how human society is doing 30 years on from the first film. Jared Leto gives a soliloquy how all successful societies are built by a disposable work force. He then births an android, tells it happy birthday, while noting that he can't create that many. Robin Wright tells Officer K that their job is to preserve order -- and that means keeping a wall between different factions (replicants vs. humans, perhaps?) Ana De Armas' character tells Deckard that his story isn't finished yet -- as he looks at a book with the middle pages torn out (his fictional biography, perhaps?) The tone is perfect and so is the cinematography.

The film was executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Denis Villeneuve. It also stars Ana De Armas, MacKenzie Davies, Lennie James, Sylvia Hoeks, and Dave Bautista. It hits theaters in October; it's going to be a long wait. Take a look:

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