Vince Vaughn's and Jennifer Aniston's Break-up Draws Crowds

Posted on June 3, 2006

The Break-Up starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston had a big opening day with its Friday box office score of $13.7 million. The number is especially impressive for a comedy as Deadline Hollywood Daily explains.

Universal's frowns are all smiles Saturday morning. That's because it turns out the Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Aniston comedy that had been tracking less than satisfactorily -- and reviewed even worse, prompting all those showbiz cynics to ask whether Jen can really be a movie star -- is a hit at the box office this weekend. My sources are telling me early numbers say The Break-Up opened with a domestic take of $13.7 million Friday, which is prompting the studio to revise upwards their initial weekend opening estimate of $28 mil to a new estimated total of $38 mil. Who'd a thunk it! For this comedy especially nowadays, that's much more than respectable; that's a miracle. Either Jen has developed a film fanbase, or else Vince is packing 'em in.
These days people seem to be ignoring bad reviews (see here and here) and just seeing what they want. A review from Rolling Stone was one the few good reviews from the mainstream media. Both Vaughn and Aniston have a significant number of fans but Jennifer Aniston has developed a special following since her real-life split with actor Brad Pitt and this may have given the film an extra boost. Jennifer Aniston also looked terrific during a Dave Letterman appearance last week and this may also have helped. The box office success and the recent Gallup Poll results have really given Team Aniston members something to gloat about.

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