Captain Kirk Helps Seth MacFarlane Avert Oscars Rating Disaster

Posted on February 25, 2013

Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, beamed in from the future to help Seth MacFarlane avert a disaster with his opening number at the Oscars. Kirk showed MacFarlane some headlines of the future that read, "Seth MacFarlane Worst Oscar Host Ever."

Kirk said, "Your jokes are tasteless and inappropriate and everyone ends up hating you. Why couldn't they just get Tina and Amy to host the show. Why can't Tina and Amy host everything."

Captain Kirk also showed some clips of MacFarlane producing some terrible and offensive numbers, such as a song called "We Saw Your Boobs." This encouraged MacFarlane to produce more classic song and dance numbers to avert a total ratings disaster. MacFarlane was lucky Kirk paid him a visit.

It was a funny opening number and a welcomed surprise to see Star Trek used to open the Oscars. Shatner wasn't in the new Star Trek film so he got another opportunity to reprise his famous role in the skit.

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