Colin Farrell: The Irishman Who Can Samba

Posted on July 28, 2006

Colin Farrell appeared on The View this morning to promote his new film, Miami Vice. Most male actors are really scared of going on The View: You've got to face a grilling by everyone from Barbara Walters (who held her own in an intervew with Fidel Castro, as you recall) and Joy Behar -- who loves to crack jokes at the actors' expense. But Colin had a dream time on The View.

He was funny. He was scruffily handsome. He only said "foooking" a few times (which was bleeped). He was self-deprecating, alluding to the "10 people or so who saw Alexander" then pretending to whip himself on the back with a cilice, like the albino killer in The Da Vinci Code. He kissed each host. He whispered with Monique. But most importantly, after a discusson of his salsa dance scene in the movie, he then danced a cha-cha/salsa hybrid with Barbara Walters, joking that trying to get an Irishman to do a passionate Latin dance was nearly an impossibliity because in Irish dancing only the legs move.

Barbara was putty in his hands. She called him "such a good sport." "So talented." "So fun." She told her (all female) audience that although Miami Vice has lots of action and guns in it, it also has some lovely romance and dancing in it. Which is true. Miami Vice: it's a chick flick. Who knew?

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