Isla Fisher Describes How She Nearly Drowned While Making Now You See Me

Posted on June 6, 2013

Isla Fisher was a guest on Chelsea Handler and talked about how she nearly died on the set of her new thriller Now You See Me. Isla plays a magician in the film that is part of a group of con men who rob banks during huge, theatrical magic shows.

For one stunt, Isla is trapped in a tank of water. She said she was in there two and a half minutes and was panicking, thinking she was going to drown. There was a stunt man standing by with oxygen, but everyone thought she was just acting. She managed to swim to the bottom of the tank and open the release valve, or she would have drowned. It sounds really scary, but Isla just joked that all she could think about was being all bloated in a swimming costume for her autopsy. Take a look:

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