Jessica Simpson Tweets Barefoot Toilet Photo

Posted on October 26, 2011

Jessica Simpson tweeted this photo of herself on the toilet. Her bare feet don't reach the floor. Her caption for the photo is "Short girl problems."

Some media outlets are saying she's at Bergdorf Goodman, but that makes no sense to us. Where are her shoes? Who walks around barefoot in a department store bathroom?

The bathroom is really large and has what looks like a bidet next to it. We think she's in a hotel bathroom.

So far, her reps have not responded to media inquiries about where she is.

E Online has something even more cryptic:

"There's been no response yet from Simpson's camp about whether those are even her tootsies are not."

Are they not Jessica's feet? We assume Jessica at least knows the owner of the feet in the photograph she shared. Let the tootsie investigation commence.

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