JLo Twerks, Makes Snapfaces on Jimmy Fallon's Show Ew!

Posted on February 18, 2016

Jennifer Lopez joined Jimmy Fallon for his alter ego's Sara talk show called Ew!. This week Sara introduced her friend from Los Angeles, Gaby Hernandez (JLo). Jennifer looked amazing in a pink furry cat sweater, knee socks, pink sneakers, a blue puffy miniskirt, tons of colored pink plastic jewelry and ponytails. It is not easy to look good in that outfit, but she managed it somehow.

Gaby shared her sad news that her dad joined snapchat using the username snapdaddy123 which is, like super ew. The two friends then made snapfaces by taking selfies and adding ridiculous filters. Then it was time for the talent portion of the show. Sara showed her skill at holding spoon on the end of her nose. Gaby's talent is dancing, but she says she's just so shy. When encouraged to try to dance, she finally she let loose. And boy did she let loose. She swayed, she removed the cat sweater and twerked so hard her white bloomers peeked out.

At that point Gary the awkward stepdad showed up who wanted to know if she was doing the Macarena. He announced he had joined "chatsnap" but had to get the user name snapdaddy124 as somebody had already taken snapdaddy124. JLo is hilarious in this skit. Take a look:

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