Kim Kardashian Talks to Oprah About Her Brief Marriage to Kris Humphries

Posted on June 18, 2012

Oprah interviewed Kim Kardashian about her very brief marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries. Oprah tried her best to get Kim to reveal exactly why she decided to end the marriage with Kris, but Kim wouldn't give the specifics.

Kim did admit that things changed when they moved in together and she noticed things (she wouldn't say precisely what) that clearly must have bothered her.

Oprah said, "I would think it would have to be really, really bad to end in 72 days."

Kim Kardashian: "Once we moved in together and I saw how our relationship was and I started to see things that I wasn't aware of before."

Oprah: "Like?"

Kim: "I mean I think that part is just... I wouldn't want to... I think that's probably a little too personal. I don't want to get in.."

Oprah: "What he did?"

Kim: "It could be small things or little things. It was nothing.."

Oprah: "But people don't leave for small things Kim."

Kim: "You know when you just have that feeling like he's the one? Once we moved in I knew that he was not the one."

Kim said everyone around her knew she was going to want out of the marriage. Kim wouldn't give any specifics about what Kris did that told her he he was not the one. She says Kris didn't try to hurt her. She did admit to being bored, but says she wouldn't leave someone just for that. Kris Humphries has since fallen into fresh scandals with his latest girlfriend, which may provide clues about why Kim ended the marriage so suddenly. Take a look:

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