Kristen Stewart is Stalked by a Ghost in Trailer for Personal Shopper

Posted on May 17, 2016

Kristen Stewart stars in the first trailer for the film Personal Shopper, which just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Kristen plays a personal shopper in Paris who hates her job. She had a twin brother that died of a heart attack from a congenital heart defect that they share. The siblings promised each other that if one of them died first the dead twin would try to contact the living one. Kristen ends up in a creepy mansion alone and she does get contacted by a spirit. But it's not benevolent and it's probably not her brother.

The film was written and directed by Olivier Assayas, who also cast Stewart in his film Clouds of Sils Maria. We love the idea of a horror film set against the fashion world in Paris. The film got a mixed reaction at its Cannes showing, with some finding the ghost story fascinating and others saying the film lost steam in the last act. The film had some audience members booing at the last scene, and others shouting Bravo for the performances -- which sounds about par for the course for a Cannes audience.

Kristen does a topless scene in the film and told Vanity Fair she wasn't afraid of doing nude scenes. She said, "I will do anything. I really appreciate all of it. The only way to really show someone who really couldn't connect the dots was to show extreme versions of a person that wouldn't typically go together. . .the movie is really about her finding herself. . . it's an enormous identity crisis movie and I really leaned into that. I wanted to be the most naked person I could be. . .The only way to do that is to really get naked.”

It looks fascinating -- and creepy. Take a look:

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