The Wall Street Journal and Marie Digby

Posted on September 14, 2007

Most people thought Marie Digby sounded pretty good for an undiscovered artist when she posted videos of herself singing covers of hit songs like "Umbrella" and "Torn" on YouTube.

It turns out that she already had been signed by with Hollywood Records (a Disney label) well before her YouTube channel emerged. The Wall Street Journal explains in this article that outs Digby as a signed artist.

Digby probably should have disclosed that she already had a record deal which is something the vast majority YouTube singers do not have. However, Digby explains in a blog post that just because you are signed doesn't mean you are on the path to success and riches.

Digby writes, "You think it's that easy? That you get signed and suddenly everything's taken care of for you!!!?? DO you think that my record label came to my house, my bathroom! and told me what songs to sing and told me that in a matter of weeks i'd be some 'youtube' phenom??!?!"

Apparently, a lot of the people on YouTube haven't read the Wall Street Journal story because there are recent comments on her videos telling her she is good enough get a record contract. They are more right than they know. In 2004 Digby was one of three finalists remaining in a Pantene Pro-Voice singing contest.

Below is Digby's cover of Natalie Imbruglia's hit song "Torn." She also has an original song called "Unfold" that is quite good.

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