Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay Star in the First Trailer for Shut In

Posted on September 3, 2016

It appears that we are living in a golden age of horror films. So many talented directors are turning their hand to the genre. Another entry in the array of psychological thriller/horror films this year is Shut In. Naomi Watts stars as a child psychologist who lives a lonely life in rural New England after a car accident killed her husband and left her son in a coma.

Her son, played by Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton, is catatonic and she must care for him 24 hours a day. Things are sad and then they get really scary when a young boy comes to stay with them. The young boy is played by Jacob Tremblay from The Room. The boy wanders out in the snow and is later presumed dead. But then it appears their house is either being haunted or stalked by someone who wants to harm her catatonic son.

Tremblay is super creepy as the boy who may not really be dead -- or perhaps he's just a really vengeful ghost. In any event, Naomi Watts is in for a very terrifying time of it and the trailer is gripping. The film also stars Oliver Platt, David Cubitt, and Crystal Balint. It was directed by Farren Blackburn and hits theaters November 11th. Take a look:

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