Bryce Dallas Howard Stars in First Teaser Trailer for Pete's Dragon

Posted on February 23, 2016

Disney has released the first teaser trailer for the remake of Pete's Dragon. The 1977 version was a trippy musical with live action and an animated dragon. That is clearly not what Disney is going for this time around. This time Bryce Dallas Howard stars as a park ranger who finds a young orphan boy named Pete (Oakes Fegley) who survived in the forest for six years.

Her father (Robert Redford) says, "You don't survive in a forest for six years alone." Grace replies, "He says he wasn't alone."

Of course he wasn't. He was with Elliot the Magical Dragon who can turn invisible when he feels like it. Generally only Pete can see him. Pete needs to learn to adjust to life in the modern world and the adults need to come to terms with the fact that there is a magical dragon flying around.

The film is based on a short story of Seton I. Miller and S.S. Field. Disney acquired the rights to the story and eventually made it into a feature film. The film was a modest success and one song from the film was nominated for an Academy Award. The new film was directed by David Lowery and co-stars Karl Urban, Wes Bentley, and Oona Laurence. Take a look:

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