Pip Anderson and Crystal Clarke Join Cast of Star Wars Episode VII

Posted on July 6, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII just added two new cast members: American actress Crystal Clarke and British actor and parkour expert Pip Anderson. Crystal is studying in Glasgow, Scotland, now and will be seen in her first feature film in 2015.

The fantasy film is called The Moon and the Sun and stars Pierce Brosnan and William Hurt. Brosnan plays King Louis XIV of France whose quest for immortality leads him to capture a mermaid and steal her life force. The film is in post-production and was directed by Sean McNamara. Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing stars as the mermaid.

Pip is simply amazing at the art of parkour. You can see Pip in action as the lead in this Sony ad for Spider-Man as he leaps, rolls and soars across the city to get a special photo to post on social media. He barely makes it to work on time as his boss calls him "Peter" and grumps at him.

The two actors beat out 67,000 other hopefuls in open casting calls to get the roles. Lucasfilm and Disney also announced that J.J. Abrams and the production just wrapped the location shoot in Abu Dhabi in May. Shooting continues at Pinewood Studios in London. In August, the production will go on hiatus for two weeks while Abrams and the producers rework the rest of the shooting schedule to accomodate Harrison Ford's leg injury. The stuiod says that Harrison is recovering nicely and is looking forward to filming again soon. The film will finish shooting in the fall of 2014, and will hit theaters on December 18, 2015. Needless to say, there has been no announcement as to what roles the actors will play.

Here is Pip in the Spider-Man ad:

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