Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck Discuss Roger Ebert's Last Review of Their Film

Posted on April 10, 2013

Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams walked the red carpet for the premiere of their film, To the Wonder. Roger Ebert's very positive review of the film the last review he wrote before he died. The stars discussed how it felt having their film be the subject of his last review.

Rachel said she doesn't usually read reviews, but she did read Ebert's very positive review of the film. She said, "I love him as a writer and it's a great loss to the world and to the film world....to me it was a very spiritual review." Ben said it sent shivers down his spine -- in a good way --reading the review which was an honor. He said he visited with Ebert last summer and discussed Argo. He said he saw how Ebert lived so cheerfully under such difficult conditions. He shared that Ebert gave him a book about facing mortality. Ben says he barely remembers his now infamous Oscar acceptance speech about how much work his marriage is. He said he wasn't very articulate, but he was trying to show how much he loved his wife (Jennifer Garner). Ben says what you work on is what you value. Take a look:

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