Second Trailer for Penguins of Madagascar Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Posted on August 6, 2014

In this second trailer for Penguins of Madagascar we get a look at the backstory of Rico, Skipper, Kowalski and Private and their amazing double life as international penguins of mystery.

The four adventurers team up with a secret organization called The North Wind which battles evil. Agent Classified (Benedict Cumberbatch) runs a tight ship which is totally derailed by the penguins are more seat of their pants types. The North Wind and the penguins must stop uber-villain Dr. Octavius Brine (John Malkovich) who is also known as Dave the octopus. Ken Jeong, plays Short Fuse, a seal and demolitions expert who is part of the North Wind team.

Cumberbatch brings just the right amount of dry wit to the part and his interactions with the irreverent penguins are hilarious. The trailer shows the penguins' origins, some of their adventures (such as trying to blend in with the Irish) and their meeting up with the North Wind. The scene where they are trying to talk to the villain but are having technical difficulties is really funny. Take a look:

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