Six Degrees Series Worth a Second Look

Posted on September 22, 2006

Cast of Six DegreesWe're big J.J. Abrams fans around here, so we were excited to tune into the premiere of his new show, Six Degrees. The premise of the show is to follow the lives of six people in Manhattan whose lives are all interconnected.

Hope Davis plays a widowed mother who hires a young woman (Erika Christenson) who is on the run from an unknown threat. She also has a mytserious box she keeps with her and has a public defender who is crazy about her but who can't find her. The public defender meets up with a young limo driver who has a gambling problem and is trying not to join his brother's budding crime syndicate. Then he's handed the young woman's photo and told to kill her.

The most interesting characters so far are a beautiful ad executive played by Bridget Moynahan who tries to hire a washed out brilliant photographer for a new ad campaign and who has a seriously creepy fiance.

The problem with Six Degrees is that none of the stories are compelling enough -- so far, anyways -- to engender the kind of rabid fanship of Lost or Alias. Still, it was mildly entertaining and the dialogue was snappy. We'll tune in next week to see if it will magically turn into must-see TV.

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