Emma Stone Sings About a Regifted Christmas Candle on SNL

Posted on December 4, 2016

Emma Stone, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant star in a hilarious video that aired on Saturday Night Live in which they tell the story of the Christmas Candle. Yes, it's that peach candle that exists solely to be regifted. The trio of singers are in full on 80s hair and makeup, including fur coats that really sell the song.

The video follows the path of a peach scented candle that's been sitting in Vanessa Bayer's closet for a year, gathering dust next to the bicycle pump. She needs a present for that girl at work so she slaps a bow on the candle and voila! She's done.

The candle makes its way to Foggy Londontown where Leslie Jones is at lunch with a friend. She panics when her friend hands her a gift so frantically starts rummaging in purse when she comes up the peach candle that she has just been given. She whips it out and the gifting crisis has been averted.

But remember, never pair the candle with something else -- that just cheapens the gift. Aidy belts out these lyrics: "When you give a candle that is all that she needs, don’t pair it with the lotion or some little cream. A lot of people think two gifts are better than one, but that just makes each seem smaller and dumb." The tune is actually quite catchy and Emmy and Aidy pour emotion into the story of the little peach candle's journey around the world. After all, it is the perfect gift. Take a look:

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