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Here are the latest posts about Emma Stone on Watchers Watch:

Emma Stone Sings About a Regifted Christmas Candle on SNL: Emma Stone, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon star in a hilarious SNL video about the Christmas Candle that is regifted around the world. (2016-12-04)

Emma Stone Sings of Love and Loss in Second Teaser Trailer for La La Land: Emma Stone sings a soulful and sad ballad in the second teaser for the upcoming musical La La Land which also stars Ryan Reynolds. (2016-08-23)

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Dance on Air in First La La Land Trailer: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling literally dance on air in the gorgeous teaser trailer for La La Land. (2016-07-13)

SNL: JJ Abrams Reveals Star Wars Screen Tests: On SNL director J.J. Abrams revealed the screen tests for Jon Hamm, John Meyer, Shaquille O'Neal, Sofia Vergara and Michael Buble (2015-11-22)

Trailer for Birdman Starring Michael Keaton and Emma Stone: Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Ed Norton and Zach Galifianakis star in the trailer for Birdman. (2014-06-13)

Trailer for Magic in the Moonlight Starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone: Emma Stone and Colin Firth star in the trailer for Magic in the Moonlight, a romantic comedy by Woody Allen set in the 1920s. (2014-05-21)

Final, Extended Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone: In this final, extended trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 we get quite a bit of action and thrills and Jamie Foxx does a great Electro. (2014-03-19)

Official Gangster Squad Trailer Released: Warner Bros. (2012-10-12)

The Amazing Spider-Man Makes $7.5 Million During Midnight Showings: Reuters reports that the The Amazing Spider-Man took in $7. (2012-07-03)

Ben Stiller and Emma Stone Present Oscar for Best Digital Effects: Emma Stone and Ben Stiller presented the Oscar for Best Digital Effects at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. (2012-02-29)

SNL SKit: Reporter Herb Welch Covers Falling Ice Story: In this recurring Saturday Night Live skit, veteran reporter Herb Welch (Bill Hader) is covering the story of an apartment complex whose residents have been injured by falling ice. (2011-11-13)

The Help Wins Weekend Box Office: The Help took first place at the box office this weekend in a surprise win. It topped Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night. (2011-08-21)

Trailer for The Help Starring Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone: DreamWorks has released a new trailer for The Help, a dramedy based on the bestselling Kathryn Stockett novel about life in pre-Civil Rights era Mississippi. (2011-04-18)

SNL Skit: Souping Starring Emma Stone and Bill Hader: SNL had a very funny skit about all those ridiculous stories in the news about the latest way that teens are getting high? The stories are geared to terrify parents. (2010-10-24)