Barefoot Taylor Swift Sings About Kanye West Incident at 2010 VMAs

Posted on September 12, 2010

A barefoot Taylor Swift performed live at the 2010 MTV VMAs. She sang her song, called "Innocent," that was reportedly written for Kanye West. In the song Taylor Swift seemingly lets Kanye West off the hook for robbing her of the spotlight during last year's VMAs. Taylor tells Kanye, "Who you are is not what you did."

Taylor Swift also says Kanye was still growing up when he performed the dastardly deed. Kanye was 32 when he stole Taylor's microphone last year. He turned 33 in June.

"It's okay if life is a tough crowd / 32 and still growing up now / who you are is not what you did / you're still an innocent"

In the song, Taylor also tells Kanye, "Everyone of us has messed up too." People make mistakes, but most of us have not stolen a microphone in front of an audience of millions. Reactions to Taylor's song were mixed - critics found it boring or wished it had been funnier. Hopefully, this song will help us all finally move on from the 2009 VMAs ... providing Kanye does not release a song for Taylor.

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