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Here are the latest posts about Andy Samberg on Watchers Watch:

Andy Samberg and Imogen Poots Star in the Comedy Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping: Andy Samberg and Imogen Poots' romantic engagement is a total disaster in the second trailer for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, created by The Lonely Island. (2016-05-19)

Andy Samberg and Kit Harington are Tennis Rivals in 7 Days in Hell Trailer: Andy Samberg and Kit Harington are deadly tennis rivals in the hilarious HBO mockumentary, 7 Days in Hell. (2015-06-06)

Andy Samberg Goes for a Celebrity Impressions Record in His SNL Monologue: Andy Samberg did a lightning round of celebrity impressions in his SNL monologue in order beat Bill Hader's record. But Bill will not be denied. (2014-05-18)

Andy Samberg Wins Best Actor Award at 2014 Golden Globes: Andy Samberg won the award for Best Actor in a tv series, musical or comedy, for his role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2014-01-13)

Trailer for Brooklyn Nine Nine, the New Andy Samberg Cop Comedy: Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher star in the new Fox cop comedy, Brooklyn Nine Nine. Fred Armisen guest stars in the trailer. (2013-05-17)

SNL Digital Short: Lonely Island's YOLO Featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar: Lonely Island has a new digital short music video called YOLO. It's very funny and features Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar. (2013-01-28)

SNL Skit: Liam Neeson Gets in the Cage With Nic Cage: Liam Neeson did a cameo on Saturday Night Live last night to promote his new film Battleship. (2012-05-13)

SNL's Laser Cats 7 Directed by Steven Spielberg: Steven Spielberg plays himself in this SNL Digital Short called Laser Cats 7. (2012-04-15)

SNL Skit: 2012 Psychic Awards Starring Lindsay Lohan and Andy Samberg: Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live last night. (2012-03-04)

SNL Skit: In the Cage Starring Andy Samberg and Nicolas Cage: Andy Samberg does a great Nicolas Cage impersonation during his "In the Cage" segment on SNL's Weekend Update in which various celebrities talk about their new movie while Nic demands to know why he's not in the film. (2012-02-19)

SNL: V Neck T-Shirt Competition Starring Ben Stiller and Andy Samberg: In this hilarious digital short from last night's Saturday Night Live we get a cautionary tale from the world of hipster fashion. (2011-10-09)

Andy Samberg Talks Socks with Bert from Sesame Street: Andy Samberg sat down with Sesame Street's Bert for an in-depth interview. (2011-05-21)

SNL: Liam, the Teenager Who Just Woke Up, Talks Rising Oil Prices on Weekend Update: Andy Samberg is Liam, The Teenager Who Just Woke Up; he's a guest commentator on SNL's Weekend Update. (2011-03-13)

SNL Skit: My Mom is On Facebook Filter: Saturday Night Live had quite the Facebook theme last night. (2010-10-10)

MTV Movie Awards: Slaughter Shack Fight Scene: The MTV Movie awards are approaching, so MTV has released a number of film clips of the nominated movies. (2009-05-12)