SNL: V Neck T-Shirt Competition Starring Ben Stiller and Andy Samberg

Posted on October 9, 2011

In this hilarious digital short from last night's Saturday Night Live we get a cautionary tale from the world of hipster fashion. A couple is shopping at Rag and Bone, and the girlfriend gets her guy (Andy Samberg) to try on a v-neck t-shirt.

At first, he says he doesn't know if he's really a v-neck guy. But then he sees a buff guy with a European accent (Ben Stiller) wearing a t-shirt with a deeper v-neck than his.

The sales girl tells him, "That's the Double D V from our Out Of Bounds collection. It's pretty advanced stuff."

That sets of a competition of who can wear the more dangerous v-neck. The shirts get more and more ridiculous until Stiller's character wins -- and gets hauled off to jail.

The V-Necks Digital Short is from The Lonely Island. You can watch it on or below from YouTube.

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