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Here are the latest posts about Heroes on Watchers Watch:

First Trailer for Heroes Reborn: Can Tim Kring get it right the second time? Here is the preview for Heroes Reborn starring Jack Coleman, Masai Oka, Zachary Levi and Kiki Sukezane. (2015-06-25)

NBC Announces Heroes Will Return in 2015: NBC has announced that Heroes will return in 2015 with a 13 episode standalone story caleld Heroes Reborn. (2014-02-26)

Chuck Goes 3-D Tonight: Chuck and Heroes return tonight! And Chuck will be in 3-D. (2009-02-02)

Tim Kring Talks Heroes Missteps: Heroes creator Tim Kring addressed the issues that some fans have had with the show this season. (2007-11-08)

Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint in Heroes: We can't wait for the new season of Heroes to start. (2007-08-29)

Heroes Season One Finale Goes Out With a Bang: (Warning: Major Season 1 Finale Spoilers Ahead) The first season finale of Heroes was tonight and it was excellent. (2007-05-21)

New Heroes Will Arrive Soon: Tim Kring, the producer of Heroes talked to Sci Fi about the upcoming season finale, which airs Monday, May 21st at 9:00 p. (2007-05-19)

Tim Kring Dishes on Heroes: Creator Tim Kring gives an exclusive, spoiler-filled interview in the current (January 29th) Issue of TV Guide Magazine. (2007-01-29)

Hayden Panettiere Feels Like Kenny on South Park: Heroes creator Tim Kring revealed a few tidbits about the second half of the season of the show we just love. (2007-01-18)

Waiting For Our Heroes to Return: We can't wait for the hiatus to end and for Heroes to return on January 21, 2007 (on NBC at 10 pm Eastern time). (2007-01-03)

Tim Kring is a Hero: It has to be said: NBC's Heroes is by far the best pilot of the Fall 2006 season so far. (2006-09-26)