New Heroes Will Arrive Soon

Posted on May 19, 2007

Photo of George Takei on Heroes Tim Kring, the producer of Heroes talked to Sci Fi about the upcoming season finale, which airs Monday, May 21st at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. Kring said that the finale will introduce new characters which will become important to the show. (Spoilers ahead)
"There are several new characters coming in the immediate future," Kring said in an interview. "The idea of the show from the start was always to basically honor the origin story of the first sort of blush and discovery of these powers. And so, in order to do that, new characters will have to be cycled into the show. And by extension, older characters will cycle out of the show."

While the first year of the show was subtitled "Volume One: Genesis," the second season will be called "Volume Two: Generations."

"The idea of multiple generations has started to crop up on the show," Kring said. "And in the second season we will deal with that more, hence the title, 'Generations.' ... The idea was that we wanted to make it easy for viewers to be able to come on in the second season. And we thought if we wrapped the show too tightly around itself, so that you had to watch 23 episodes before, It would be harder for a new viewer to find the show. And we always want to be a show that has the barrier of entry low enough so that new viewers can join if they want."

Kring confirmed that the show will indeed end on a cliffhanger, but one that hopefully won't be frustrating for the viewers. "No, I think it'll be intriguing more than frustrating," he said. "The idea was to end one idea of the show, one story, and then slingshot you into the next season."

Last week's episode was absolutely awesome. To see Hiro's dad bust out the samurai moves was just amazing. We love George Takei and his casting as Kaito Nakamura was a brilliant choice. We hope Hiro's dad is featured in the stories about the older generation. He said that once he had allies, but some lost their way. Well, clearly one person who lost his way in a big time was Linderman. He is a healer who somehow ended up thinking that it was a good thing to nuke New York City. That's a pretty big change of focus. And what really happened to the Petrelli brothers' dad? And what is up with Mrs. Petrelli? We know she has a power, but what is it? We can't wait to find out.

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