Heroes Season One Finale Goes Out With a Bang

Posted on May 21, 2007

Photo of Peter Petrelli in season 1 finale of Heroes

(Warning: Major Season 1 Finale Spoilers Ahead)

The first season finale of Heroes was tonight and it was excellent. Those who went and read the spoilers for the finale proably didn't enjoy it as much, but we resisted temptation -- barely! -- and went into the episode spoiler free. So, there defintely was more than meets the eye with Simone's father. It appears that he had the power to find out anything he wanted through his dreams. He told Peter that he came to him "because he needed to know." Apparently, what he needed to know is that Mama Petrelli is a very, very naughty girl. Still, at least in the end Nathan did the right thing. And Peter keeps becoming more and more intersesting as a character. We're a bit disappointed that his mentor, the Invisible Man, didn't show up to help him control his nuclear power, but surely he can survive the explosion? Or is he blown up into little, tiny bits in the sky over Manhattan? It's hard to see how either Peter or Nathan survived that one. Let's hope at least Peter did.

But it really, really bothered us that at the end no one was looking around for Sylar's body. So, of course he just slithered off into the tunnel system under the streets, leaving a bloody trail behind. We swear, if he finds the shape shifting girl Candice Wilmer (played by Missy Peregrym) and takes her power, we are going to be really unhappy. Because then Sylar is going to morph into Nathan and become president. Or at least a congressman.

We were happy that we finally found out H.R.G.'s first name: it's Noah. We were also relieved that Jessica and Nikki got merged, because that storyline was growing quite tedious. Now she's like Wonder Woman, so that works very well indeed.

Our favorite storyline of the evening was Hiro's. We were so relieved that Ando made it safely to his cubicle in Japan and that Hiro stepped up to the plate. But that ending! Hiro is in the 1600s in the middle of some kind of battle, with samurai on both sides! And one warrior has the flag with the mysterious symbol on it. Could Hiro's father really be the legendary Japanese swordsman, Takezo Kensei? Could he be immortal? Or at least, really long-lived? He did say he had been waiting a long time for a Nakamura child to manifest the power.

All in all, we give it an A+. Now it's time for Season 2.

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