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Bella Thorne Talks The Duff on Jimmy Fallon: Bella Thorne talked about The Duff and looked fabulous on The Tonight Show in a hot pink and blue striped minidress from House of Holland's resort collection. (2015-08-01)

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon Parody The Beach Boys' Fun, Fun, Fun: Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon reveal what the original words to The Beach Boys' hit Fun, Fun, Fun were. Hint: it's all about the hamburgers. (2015-08-01)

James Taylor and Jimmy Fallon Perform Two James Taylors on a Seesaw: James Taylor joined Jimmy Fallon to perform Two James Taylors on a Seesaw. They sat on an actual seesaw as they crooned the mellow tune. (2015-06-18)

Jude Law and Jimmy Fallon Play Pool Bowling: Jude Law and Jimmy Fallon played a game of bowling pool with a giant pool table. They were terrible, but the game was very entertaining to watch. (2015-06-04)

Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson Give a 1989 Commencement Speech: Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson give a hilarious 1989 commencement speech in which they give the worst advice of all time, such as not focusing on fads like computers. (2015-05-23)

Scarlett Johansson Plays Box of Lies on Tonight Show: Scarlett Johansson looked fabulous in a white cut out dress by Jonathan Simkai for her appearance on The Tonight Show where she played Box of Lies. (2015-05-01)

Ariana Grande Joins Jimmy Fallon for an Episode of Ew!: Ariana Grande has a sing off with Jimmy Fallon's Sara in the latest episode of Ew! Naturally, she wins. (2015-03-21)

Will Ferrell Announces He is New Face of Little Debbie Snack Cakes: Will Ferrell dressed in a gingham dress and wig to announce he is the new face of Little Debbie Snack Cakes. This was news to the company, which found the gag hilarious. (2015-03-20)

Seth Rogen and James Franco Pop Out of a Cake for Jimmy Fallon's Birthday: Seth Rogen and James Franco popped out of a giant birthday cake for Jimmy Fallon's 40th birthday. They went shirtless for the event. (2014-09-21)

Britney Spears Reveals the Pros and Cons of Dating Her, Joins Tindr: Britney Spears joined Jimmy Fallon to reveal the list of pros and cons of dating her now that she's single. She also joined Tindr, but not voluntarily. (2014-09-10)

Jimmy Fallon Shaves Jared Leto's Beard: Jared Leto's beard has been getting a little out of control and Jimmy Fallon offered to give Jared a trim. The results are surprisingly good. (2014-08-22)

Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Barkin Star in House of Cards Spoof: Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Barkin star in a hilarious spoof of House of Cards, called House of Cue Cards. Fallon channels Kevin Spacey and Ellen Barkin does a spot on Robin Wright. (2014-08-13)

Nina Dobrev Wears Naeem Khan Cocktail Dress to Play Giant Beer Pong: Nina Dobrev wore a very tight Naeem Khan cocktail dress and four inch heels to play Giant Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon. And she won. (2014-08-07)

Helen Mirren and Jimmy Fallon Play Mirren, Mirren: Helen Mirren is an enchanted mirror who answers questions put to her by a bewigged and costumed Jimmy Fallon. She gives her opinio on Fifty Shades of Grey and her dream job. (2014-08-05)

Julia Roberts and Jimmy Fallon Throw Giant Balls at Each Other: Julia Roberts was a good sport as she played a game of Face Balls with Jimmy Fallon. They took turns throwing giant plastic balls at each other and watching the replay in slo mo. (2014-08-03)

Dwayne Johnson Explains His Throwback Thursday Fashion Choices: Jimmy Fallon asked Dwayne Johnson to explain his inspiration for his amazingThrowback Thursday fashion ensemble, complete with fannypack. (2014-07-23)

Miranda Kerr and Jimmy Fallon Play Flip Cup: Miranda Kerr Puts a face mask on Jimmy Fallon then plays a rousing game of flip cup with him. (2014-07-20)

Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon Make Like a Human Hamster Toy: Jimmy Fallon and Oscar winner Halle Berry turn into a human hamster wheel and roll across the stage. That's just how they roll, says Jimmy. (2014-07-09)

Pitbull and Jimmy Fallon Wear Tight White Pants and Play Giant Beer Pong: Jimmy Fallon challenged Pitbull to a game of giant beer pong outdoors, using World Cup soccer balls and huge cups. Tight, white, short pants were de rigueur. (2014-06-20)

Chris Christie Performs The Evolution of Dad Dancing With Jimmy Fallon: Chris Christie shows off his weight loss and improved fitness by performing The Evolution of Dad Dancing With Jimmy Fallon. (2014-06-13)