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Here are the latest posts about Kevin Bacon on Watchers Watch:

Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon Perform the Original Version of Lola by The Kinks: Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon perform the original version of Lola, the 1970 hit by The Kinks. They sing and show off some major wig game. (2017-01-14)

Kevin Bacon Faces Danger in the Treehouse in The Darkness Trailer: Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell must fight an evil force which follows them home after a family vacation at the Grand Canyon. David Mazouz and Lucy Fry co-star. (2016-05-03)

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon Parody The Beach Boys' Fun, Fun, Fun: Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon reveal what the original words to The Beach Boys' hit Fun, Fun, Fun were. Hint: it's all about the hamburgers. (2015-08-01)

Kevin Bacon is a Corrupt Sheriff in Cop Car Trailer: Kevin Bacon is a crooked sheriff who is out to get the two boys who stole his patrol car in the gripping trailer for Cop Car. (2015-05-30)

Kevin Bacon: Kyra and I Were Swindled by Bernie Madoff: Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick were among the people swindled out of their life savings by con man Bernie Madoff, who is currently under house arrest for defrauding investors of over $50 billion in a Ponzi scheme. (2009-01-15)