Writers' Strike

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In the past Writers' Strikes have been very detrimental to shows. They cause abbreviated TV series and cancellations. Let's hope there is not another anytime soon. Here is our latest Writers' Strike coverage:

Hollywood Artists Launch Strike.tv Site: The website for Strike. (2008-07-12)

Talks Begin to Avert Actors' Strike: The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has started its talks with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers) in hopes of heading off an actors' strike. (2008-04-15)

Saturday Night Live Returns February 23: The writers' strike is finally over and the screenwriters are heading back to work. (2008-02-13)

Tentative Deal Reached: Writers' Strike Could Be Over Soon: A tentative deal has been reached between the writers and the studios, which is fantastic news for television viewers. (2008-02-08)

Oscars President Wants Answer From WGA About Telecast: The Oscars bigwigs are putting pressure on the Writers Guild to give them an answer about whether the show will go on. (2008-02-07)

Golden Globes Seeking Deal With WGA: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is trying to work out a deal with the Writers Guild that wold allow the Golden Globes ceremony to proceed without picketing, but with its comedy writers and its A-List actors. (2008-01-02)

Horror Writers Perform Exorcism on Studios: On Tuesday November 27th, the horror writers of the WGA took inspiration from the classic film The Exorcist and descended upon the gates of Warner Bros. (2007-12-03)

Writers' Strike Negotiations Not Going Well: The negotiations between the WGA and the studios are offline until Tuesday. (2007-11-29)

Carson Daly Thumbs Nose at Writers' Strike: Carson Daly broke ranks with his late night talk show brethren and crossed the WGA picket line. (2007-11-27)

Ben Cross is Sarek in Star Trek: British actor Ben Cross has been cast as Sarek, Spock's father, in the upcoming Star Trek movie. (2007-11-19)

Leave the AMPTP Alone!: Here is a new Writers Strike video from the Colbert Report writers and United Hollywood. (2007-11-15)

The Voices of Uncertainty Seem Awfully Certain About Web Profits: The AMPTP says that the future of the Internet is just too uncertain for them to agree to share any revenues with the writers. (2007-11-13)

Strike Shutters Production on Television Shows: The Writers' Strike shows no signs of ending; no talks are scheduled between the parties. (2007-11-12)

Ellen DeGeneres Not Welcome In New York: The Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) is very unhappy with Ellen DeGeneres, who is continuing to film her show, even though other talk show hosts such as Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel are refusing to cross the picket lines to film. (2007-11-09)

Writers Strike Will Cripple Hollywood: The Writers Guild goes on strike this Monday, November 5th at 12:01 a. (2007-11-02)

Writers' Strike Would Cause Major TV Programming Changes: With the Writers Guild poised to go on strike on November 1st if they don't reach a deal with the producers, things are looking a bit grim for television viewers. (2007-10-24)