Carson Daly Thumbs Nose at Writers' Strike

Posted on November 27, 2007

Carson Daly broke ranks with his late night talk show brethren and crossed the WGA picket line. Carson is not a member of the WGA, but all the other late night talk show hosts have respected the writers' strike and have put their shows into reruns. Today reports that Daly will become the first late-night talk show to resume production, defying the writers strike and resume production.

The Writers Guild Of America issued this statement: "We're disappointed at Carson Daly's decision to return to work. Mr. Daly is not a writer and not a member of the WGA, unlike other late-night hosts Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel, who have all resisted network pressure and honored our writers' picket lines. We hope he'll change his mind and follow the lead of the other late-night hosts."

Bad Carson. Bad talk show host. May all his dialogue be perpetually unfunny. Come to think of it, he's not funny even with professional writers.

The NBC News story notes that Ellen DeGeneres has continued taping her show as well during the strike.

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