Transformers: Age of Extinction Wins Weekend Box Office

Posted on July 1, 2014

Dinobot breathing fire in Transformers Age of Extinction

Tranformers: Age of Extinction won the box office this weekend. Paramount is claiming it made just over $100 million, which is the biggest opening weekend so far this year. Captain America: The Winter Soldier made $96 million in April. The Winter Soldier actually had a higher per theater average than Transformers, but played in less theaters. Transformers will need to make another $157 million to overtake The Winter Soldier for the year's top grossing film.

Bumblebee in Transformers Age of Extinction

There is a controversy over Paramount's $100 million claim with other studios saying the company is fudging its numbers. Deadline says the more accurate weekend gross for Transformers is about $97.5 million.

22 Jump Street finished second and added another $15 million during its third weekend in theaters. The film has now made $140 million after three weekends. 22 Jump Street was followed by How to Train Your Dragon 2, which made $13.2 million. Think Like a Man Too finished fourth and made $10 million during its second weekend in theaters.

Maleficent finished fifth and added $8.3 million during its fifth weekend in theaters. This was enough to push it over the $200 million mark in total gross. Maleficent was followed by Jersey Boys, Edge of Tomorrow, The Fault in Our Stars and X-Men: Days of Future Past. You can view the complete box office chart here.

Photos: Paramount

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