Victoria Beckham Comes to America

Posted on July 17, 2007

Photo of Victoria BeckhamWe tuned into the Victoria Beckham NBC special last night. The special was called "Coming to America" and we weren't sure what to expect. Would Victoria be a total witch? Would she have no sense of humor? We were shocked to discover that we love Victoria. We adore her. She is hilarious. But from some of the media coverage today, it appears that a lot of people don't get her very dry, British sense of humor. She was self-deprecating, making fun of her own image intoning "it's all about me, you know" (it was a joke, people) and telling Perez Hilton that she "can't ever be seen eating or smiling in public -- perish the thought." She's a scream.

Victoria looked for houses, got stopped by a cop for driving with a Spanish driver's license, took her California driving test, talked about how much she misses her three little boys, threw out the opening ball at the Dodgers game and totally charmed a children's baseball team. She then attended a welcoming party of older Beverly Hills matrons that was hilarious. They all got wasted, then one older grande dame showed Posh her dolphin call -- "EEEEEEEKKKKKKKK--EEEEEKKKKK" while Marla Maples and Victoria looked on in shock.

Victoria said she had to cut the series short to be with her little boys and David, which we understand -- we certainly wouldn't leave David Beckham alone with a bunch of beautiful Spanish women for an instant -- but still. We want to see more of this reality series. It was like a cruel tease.

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