2012 Debuts Tomorrow

Posted on November 12, 2009

Roland Emmerich's disaster epic 2012 starring John Cusack opens tomorrow and studio heads are hoping that the film decimates the competition at the box office. Emmerich's The Day After Tomorrow, which was released in 2004, took in a whopping $357.5 million overseas and $186.7 million domestically.

Sony expects to dominate the worldwide box office this weekend as Roland Emmerich's latest disaster spectacle, "2012," opens across all territories, looking to match the mammoth foreign success of the helmer's "The Day After Tomorrow."

Domestically, "2012" debuts in 3,404 runs, and box office observers say it could open north of $40 million or even substantially more. Overseas, it opens on roughly 13,000 screens in 105 countries.

We see no reason why the film won't do very well indeed. The special effects look amazing and the idea of indie king John Cusack headlining an action disaster flick is quite intriguing.

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