College Student Builds Ball Pit in Dorm Room at Rice University

Posted on January 21, 2015

A college student named David Nichol has gone and turned his dorm room into a ball pit. He looks very pleased with himself. Is he majoring in fun?

KTLA 5 reports that Rice University is letting David Nichol keep his ball pit. Now every Rice University student is going to want one. The balls for the pit set Nichol back $500. Nichol told KTLA 5, "A lot of people are like why but then you think about it for a second, wait, no that just sounds awesome."

Nichol also has a tiny basketball hoop in the pit so he and his roommate can shoot baskets. There are some rules posted that include no making out or bringing food or drink into the pit. You also cannot pee in the ball pit. A maximum of six people are allowed in the pit at anyone one time. Take a look:

In a related story, YouTube Roman Atwood used 250,000 plastic balls to turn his entire house into a ball pit to surprise his wife. Atwood is not going to get to keep it this way. Here is Atwood's wife getting surprised by the ball pit at her home. Take a look:

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