Blake Lively Tries to Explain Her Movie Savages in G Rated Terms for Her Nephew

Posted on July 2, 2012

Blake Lively was a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show to talk about her new movie Savages. Blake said she couldn't get a babysitter and asked Jimmy if it was okay if she brought her nephew with her on stage. Jimmy agreed, but it caused lots of problems.

Savages is R-rated and is the story of drug dealers who share a girlfriend (Blake) who gets kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. Between the sex, drugs and violence, it's no kid movie. So they stuck a helmet of silence on Baylen for the trailer and had Blake explain the movie in G-rated terms. It was pretty funny.

Blake's character was kidnapped and tortured in the film and she had to tiptoe around the details while trying to explain the film on Late Night.

In another interview Blake was not with her nephew and was able to more easily explain the film. Blake raved about Salma Hayek's performance as Elena the powerful female head of a drug cartel. Take a look:

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