Cruise Visit to Star Trek Set Spurs Rumors

Posted on March 28, 2008

Tom Cruise recently visited the set of the new Star Trek movie, which is directed by Cruise's friend J.J. Abrams. They worked together on Mission: Impossible 3. The visit set off a firestorm of speculation that Cruise was going to be in the movie, but it turns out that Cruise is just a big Spock fan. That's Mr. Spock, of course. In a photo caption MSNBC mistakenly refers to the character as "Dr. Spock" who was a famous baby doctor that wrote childcare books in the 60s. But we digress.

Considering all the speculation that surrounded the casting of the upcoming Star Trek movie, it wouldn't seem like a stretch to think that Tom Cruise might be one more late addition to the roster.

"Tom visited the set of the movie and chatted with J.J. Abrams," a source close to the actor said. The last time Cruise was spotted on a set for a movie he wasn't said to be signed on for - Tropic Thunder - it turned out he had a small role. Unfortunately for Cruise fans, the visit to the Star Trek set was just a social call -- Cruise and Abrams are friends, and apparently, Cruise is a fan of the television series and in particular, Mr. Spock.

"He asked J.J. if there's a way he can meet Leonard Nimoy. He said he'd always really respected his work," said the source.

Hmmmm....maybe he just wanted to meet Leonard Nimoy and maybe there's a more sinister reason for the set visit. We're very suspicious.

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