Eminem Raps at Light Speed in Virtual Reality for New Rap God Video

Posted on November 28, 2013

Kanye West may be a tad unhappy with Eminem's hot single "Rap God." Because Marshall Mathers pretty much cements his rep as the best lyricist and rapper around with this one. In the video Eminem is in a chair with electrodes strapped to his head as he relives the past, looks at the future and addresses the audience from a virtual world.

Remember Max Headroom? Well Eminem looks like a more hip version of Max with more than a touch of Mr. Smith from The Matrix. Eminem in virtual reality moving into the future and tech? We like it.

The lyrics are autobiographical, as usual. In one section of the lyrics he discusses his rise to the top of rap, his withdrawal due to drug abuse and then his comeback. He also talks about all the young rappers who call him names and say he's sold out and is just doing pop (like that's a bad thing). Eminem discusses how he has fused rap, rock and pop and is beyond them. Take a look:

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