Eva Green and Bella Heathcote Discuss Kissing Johnny Depp

Posted on May 11, 2012

The feature film remake of the cult TV series Dark Shadows opens today with Johnny Depp starring as the vampire Barnabas Collins. In this clip director Tim Burton and stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green and Bella Heathcote talk about Burton's vision for the film and kissing Johnny.

Tim says the show ended in 1971 and he wanted to show the movie from Barnabas Collins' point of view -- how he experiences a shocking new world. He says the music, fashion and design of the early 70s were really weird and he wanted to convey that.

Michelle says Burton takes the weird to a new level, which is a rare opportunity for an actor.

As for the kissing scenes, Bella said she found the on set kisses to be strange with all the crew watching, although Johnny was always professional and a gentleman. Eva chimed in to say that Johnny Depp is a great kisser. Take a look:

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